Electrify Your Look With Lightning Bolts

There’s a few reasons why this symbol stays trendy yet sends off such strong vibes. In most cases the beauty and the mystery of a lightning bolt comes from the past.

For years we’ve seen this striking symbol showcased on many looks.
The famous symbol keeps us intrigued by showing up through clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry.
Yet it’s overall design has much more that meets the eye.
But have you ever wonder why your in love with a certain symbol?
Or have you ever felt so connected to a symbol that you wanted to collect more?
Let’s reflect the factors of why lightning bolts are so interesting, and how they play a essential part in enlightenment.
Most of the time when we think of lightning bolts we see the negative attributes like destruction, fear, loudness, or punishment. Yet there’s also many beautiful aspects with the symbol as well that’s not based on those thoughts.
For instance let’s get to the basis of it’s past and it connection to power, strength and knowledge.
In the past it’s premise was based on Greek mythology and biblical terms.
Of course there’s the Greek god Zeus whose represented as the thunder god.
Yet it’s a beautiful symbol for intuition and showcasing your intellectual side.

Smart Thinking With Lightning Bolts

Keeping the ideas coming is a strong representation of how a lightning bolt extends itself.

For years we’ve associated the symbol with “knowledge is power” as a statement for education/experiments.

Yet it’s also a symbol for showcasing your intuitive or spiritual side.

For many it’s a key symbol for how we view the world as a smart factor for knowing everything.

Lightning Bolt Symbolism:

*Knowledge      *Intuition

*Power              *Strength

*Ideas                *Sacred

*Truth                *Enlightenment

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Electrified Magic Around Lightning Bolts

We’ve grown accustomed to loud thunder bolts, that leaves a piercing effect whenever there’s heavy rainstorms. Yet they convey a stunning factor of how powerful they really are.

Of course we might connect lighting bolts to the popular book series (Harry Potter).

But overall there’s a stigma of magic that moves around this essential symbol.

A revealing symbol for being creative, quick, and full of imagination in your thoughts.

In many cultures the lightning bolt lives on through superstitions and stories.

Magical Lightning Bolt Symbolism:

*Magic            *Mysterious

*Electricity      *Inspirational  

*Creativity       *Clarity

*Attentive        *High Energy

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Overall this classic symbol gives us many factors of why we love it so much.

It’s a leadership symbol yet for years we associate them in our clothing as strength.

Influential for its spiritual viewpoint, but unique because it’s a growth symbol.

We don’t grow within ourselves overnight, sometimes it takes years to be one with ourselves.


Therefore creating that connection of listening to our intuition is a powerful feeling.

That’s why it’s a wonderful symbol to own, wear, and showcase because it’s revealing your true power.

Gaining your power back in life is who we are, and that’s why the lightning bolt reigns supreme.