The Best Rings for Women With Any Budget

hands of a woman wearing gold rings

The best rings for women are the ones that make a person feel as gorgeous as possible, with beautiful craftsmanship and precious gemstones. While some of the most popular rings for women can cost thousands of US dollars, we’ve gathered a list of extraordinary options with much smaller price tags.  

From dainty rings to engagement rings to bold statement rings, there are choices for every budget, for every woman. Read about the different styles and some of the most popular rings for women below!

Different Types of Ring Styles for Women

Check out the six most popular types of rings women love to wear, from hot trends to timeless designs. 

Cocktail/Gemstone Ring

Often called statement rings because of their striking appearance, cocktail and gemstone rings are usually made with prized metals and delicate gemstones. 

Cocktail rings got their name because they were commonly worn by wealthy women at cocktail parties. They became prevalent among affluent folks, and feature a large gemstone as the center stone -- typically sapphire, emerald, or ruby -- surrounded by delicate diamonds. 

These dramatic rings can use any setting as long as the ring is bold and noticeable enough to catch attention and, of course, many compliments. Variations of these gorgeous rings include cluster cocktail rings, birthstone rings, and semi-precious gemstone choices. 

Cluster Cocktail Rings

Cluster cocktails are dramatic, featuring many gemstones clustered together and on top of one another. These rings are often large and dazzling, with gemstones layered in a way that echoes the way flower petals cluster together. 

Birthstone Rings

Many women love to wear rings that correlate with their birthdays. And every birth month has a designated gemstone you can wear:

  • January: Garnet
  • February: Amethyst
  • March: Aquamarine
  • April: Diamond
  • May: Emerald
  • June: Alexandrite
  • July: Ruby
  • August: Peridot
  • September: Sapphire
  • October: Opal
  • November: Yellow Topaz
  • December: Blue Topaz

Other Semi-Precious Gemstones

While precious gemstones are lovely in cocktail rings, semi-precious stones can be just as enchanting. Common semi-precious stones used in statement rings include onyx, pearls, moonstones, rose quartz, and amethysts. 

Diamond Ring and Bands

Diamond rings and bands are a classic type of ring that will never go out of style. These rings represent the purity of love and commitment, which is why they’re ideal for engagement rings or wedding bands. 

Engagement ring trends are subject to change, however, most engagement ring styles have one large diamond with a simple setting, usually involving smaller diamonds set around it. But wedding bands are often more understated. These rings feature smaller diamonds that complement but do not compete with the dazzling engagement ring. 

Diamond rings can vary widely depending on the setting and the diamond's cut. Common band settings for diamond rings include:

  • Bezel setting
  • 4-prong setting
  • Halo setting

Choosing the cut of the diamond can be an exciting, if daunting, task if you don’t know what you want. Below are the most popular cuts for a diamond:

  • Round brilliant
  • Princess cut
  • Oval cut
  • Cushion cut
  • Radiant cut
  • Pear
  • Marquise
  • Baguette-cut
  • Emerald cut
  • Asscher cut
  • Heart

Clearly, when designing a diamond ring, you can be as creative as you want!


eternity bands in white, yellow, and rose gold

Eternity rings, also called infinity rings, are bands of precious metal set in a continuous line symbolizing eternity. The continuous line is often encrusted with identically cut diamonds for a brilliant appearance. 

The diamonds encircling the band express eternal love and an everlasting commitment. Infinity and eternity rings are often romantic but can also represent platonic or familial love. 

Popular settings for eternity rings include:

  • Claw
  • Channel
  • Pavé 
  • Cut Down

Half-Eternity Ring

A half-eternity ring has the same meaning, but a slightly simpler design. Rather than have identical diamonds or gemstones around the entire band, a half-eternity ring usually only has diamonds encrusted on one side of the ring. People choose these because they’re usually more affordable and comfortable to wear. 

Fashion Ring

Fashion rings sometimes referred to as costume jewelry, are high-end fashion rings that make a statement and often have a clear motif. They use precious metals and gemstones in flexible designs and sometimes layers. 

Fashion rings are compared to cocktail rings a lot, but fashion rings usually have a more abstract and unique design, while statement ring settings are a bit more predictable. 

These rings are used more for styling purposes and building a distinct collection of rings rather than a ring that people wear daily. That is to say, these rings often work with specific outfits but are not always ideal for casual wear.


Signet rings are special because they have engraved or raised symbols, lettering, or images on the top of the ring. These images could be a name, a meaningful word or number, or a specific symbol that has value to the wearer. 


Numbers on a signet ring could be a birthday, anniversary, lucky number, or other meaningful numbers. Some people get numerical, while others use the classic Roman numerals for an elegant look. 


People will have the names of loved ones engraved on their signet ring, but it could also be bible verses or meaningful words that inspire or encourage them. Some people get their job titles on their signet ring if they're particularly proud of what they do!


Images on signet rings could be anything, such as a simple heart, a family crest, a fun motif, or any other image one wants to wear and think of often. 

Stacking Rings

Stacking rings or layering rings are usually simple and delicate, their versatility making it easy for the wearer to arrange them in any manner on their fingers. Someone could wear three or four rings on one finger or ten total rings on one hand! They're fun to mix and match or play with different styles. 

Stackable rings don’t have a formula, as they can use any setting, gemstone, or style, as long as they’re thin enough to place on top of one another. You can pair silver with gold or wear textured rings with plain ones. The idea is to create a unique style by combining different rings with similar aesthetics. 

If you love one kind of ring, you can wear five variations on one hand for a decorated but elegant appearance. Mix and match your favorite gemstones and precious metals so you can have all your favorites on your hand at once!

The Best Rings for Women You Should Not Miss

Below are the most popular rings for women to add to their gorgeous jewelry collection!

1. Emerald & Diamond Bypass Ring

Emerald & Diamond Bypass Ring

This 14k gold and emerald bypass ring can work as a stunning birthstone ring for those born in May or an enchanting addition to any ring collection. This ring is $1,600, featuring two pear emeralds and a gold band lined with beautiful diamonds. 

2. Stacking Sapphire Rings 


If you love classic textured rings, these bezel stackable rings are only $530, so you can mix and match them to brighten up your collection. They come in white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold bezel setting, and you can pick from different colored sapphire gemstones.

3. Signet Initial Ring

Signet Initial Ring

This signet initial ring is the perfect way to highlight a letter or person you care deeply about. Get your first initial or the initial of a loved one of these bold but elegant rings. The 14k solid gold is sure to last a long time, and you can have this personalized ring for only $600. 

4. Emerald & Diamond Eternity Band 


This eternity band is truly unique, with heart-shaped emeralds and diamonds encircling the band. Featuring one diamond, a 14k gold band, and about fourteen petite emeralds, this ring only costs $3,400 and will be your new favorite to wear every day. 

5. Sapphire & Diamond Flower Band 

Sapphire & Diamond Flower Band

If you love flowers and nature, capture that spirit in this dazzling flower band ring with precious sapphires and diamonds. The blue sapphires make up the petals, while the diamonds are the center of each delicate flower. At only $460, this ring is excellent as a birthstone for September, a stunning stackable ring, or an understated cocktail ring. 

6. Mixed Rings


Get this $4,000 set of mixed rings, so you can immediately have a collection of beautiful stackable rings. This purchase includes a mix of white, rose, and yellow gold bands with and without diamonds. 

7. Rainbow Eternity Band


For something more colorful and distinct, wear this $350 rainbow eternity band. It’s a simple gold band lined with different colored natural gemstones that bring a bit of sparkle to your finger. 

8. Diamond Tusk Ring

gold diamond tusk ring

If you want a unique shape and appearance, this 14k gold diamond tusk ring is elegant but unusual. The open style has an airy feel, but the diamonds make it a statement piece without it being too in your face. 

9. Diamond Gold Claw Ring

diamond gold claw ring

This 14k gold claw ring is the perfect addition to your collection of stackable rings. The thickened edges add an elegant flair, framing your finger in a beautiful manner that is unexpected. And it is only $560!

10. Pear Diamond Spiral Ring 

pear diamond spiral ring

This pear diamond spiral ring is positively enchanting. For just $4,900, you can have this bright and brilliant ring that wraps around your finger three times with more than a dozen pear-shaped diamonds along the band. 

11. Gold & Diamond Evil Eye Ring 

gold evil eye ring

For a bold and enticing statement ring that will catch people’s eye, get this evil eye ring! It’s only $650, making it a beautiful and affordable addition to any ring collection. The eye can be white, rose, or yellow gold, featuring cool blue sapphires and small diamonds. 

12. Multi-Color Gemstone Eternity Bands

Multi-Color Gemstone Eternity Bands

One of the best varieties of birthstone rings, this simple eternity band can come with several different gemstones to match your birth month! At only $540, celebrate your birthday by wearing this every day!

13. Diamond Initial Rings


A bold and captivating signet ring, this initial ring features many small diamonds that can write out a word or letter that means a lot to you. For $650, you can wear your favorite person’s initials every day. 

14. Heart & Flower Diamond Ring 

heart and flower diamond ring

This stunning heart and flower diamond ring is a great stackable ring or understated cocktail ring. The ring is $1,800, and the precious diamonds and metals will last you a lifetime!

15. Simple Gold Claw Ring

simple gold claw ring

This simple and beautiful gold claw ring is another wonderful stackable ring. For only $400, you can add this lovely design to your collection and pair it with your other favorite rings. 


When shopping for any ring, whether it is for yourself or a gift, make sure you know the ring size and what style you want. While it can be easy to opt for the cheapest ring, it’s worth investing in precious metals and quality gemstones that will make for long-lasting jewelry. 

Once you find your dream rings, store them safely so they can last a lifetime. Don’t expose your beloved rings to harsh chemicals like bleach, or you may ruin them. 

To find the perfect ring for you, visit Lexie Jordan Jewelry to browse the beautiful options and find your ideal piece of handmade jewelry.