About Lexie Jordan Jewelry and Designer Cheryl Roberts

Small Indulgence. Big Meaning.

Jewelry transforms. It is expression, celebration and armor that helps you lean-in to life. At Lexie Jordan Jewelry, our passion for accessories goes beyond style. At our best, we design and make things that connect to a past, present and future where women are supported in living their best lives. We are dedicated to the art of crafting jewelry that transcends the ordinary.  Our main vision is to celebrate the power of connections through our exquisite pieces. We believe jewelry should be more than just an adornment, it should be a symbol of the relationships we cherish and the moments we hold dear.


The collection evolves, but you’ll see a connecting thread of updated classics mixed with global touchstones and a youthful, rebellious edge. Lexie Jordan jewelry expresses the way many creative people want to present themselves to the world. Our designs are meant to be worn and enjoyed daily. We want women to feel united, powerful, supported, and loved. Our collection is on trend and impactful. We imbue the designs with generosity, intention to details, and appreciation.


Jewelry is an infinite conversation. The most meaningful aspects of relationships are declared by rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Sourcing matters. Quality, value, craft and design are paramount. Stones are sustainable and conflict-free. Cheryl Roberts personally selects the materials and sources minerals with beauty and allure. Since 2018, Lexie Jordan Jewelry is a personalized hand-crafted collection with one-of-a kind pieces and meaningful accessories curated with every woman in mind. We amplify our craft by putting luxury, story, statement and symbolism into every design.

Origin Story

Cheryl Roberts started making jewelry during a challenging time that coincided with an awakened interest in personal growth. She cultivated yoga, meditation, reading and creative practices which support happiness. 

Roberts says, "Spiritual practice led to the study of masters like Rumi, The Dalai Lama, and Buddha. These years changed my understanding of many things in life. I developed more reverence for the earth, a belief in the equal validity of other cultures, the value of kindness and the worth of every person. When I saw the world as saturated in the divine, my emptiness receded and I entered a much healthier and much happier space."

Roberts continues, "The ideas I read and the positive symbols surrounding great cultures became foundational to the way I lived. It wasn’t for any religious meaning that I began wearing Hamsas, evil eyes, lotus flowers and hearts. They made me feel connected to something universal. Spiritual symbols became tools of strength, support and self-comfort. Wearing jewelry with a spiritual meaning helped me feel I didn’t have to take the journey alone.

Jewelry was my way of sharing with my daughters and other women the things that comforted me. I hope I’m sharing the same kind of strength, support and empowerment my daughters and I feel when we wear my designs. My sincere hope is that the work brings customers the same feeling of protection, wholeness, togetherness, love and support that they’ve brought to me.”

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