Tree of Life Jewelry Meaning: A Rich History of Symbolism and Beauty

tree of life copper pendant

The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol that spans numerous cultures. It carries a wealth of meaning, history, and cultural nuance. 

Tree of Life jewelry is widely popular both as a fashion statement and a reflection of beliefs. It is a beautiful symbol that represents religious, sentimental, cultural, and personal philosophies and experiences. 

Keep reading to explore the tree of life meaning and the many reasons and ways you can wear tree of life jewelry.

What Does the Tree of Life Signify?

The tree of life is a large, expansive tree contained within a circular border. Its spreading branches and roots appear to be mirror images of each other. The roots and branches expanded parallel to one another, reaching to touch the border of the pendant. 

While the Tree of Life symbol in jewelry has changed over time, the general design is always the same. There are also several meanings attributed to the Tree of Life that have remained the same over time.

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The branches and roots represent the way a family grows and remains connected over time. We see this symbolism as well when we use family trees to show our lineage.


Trees are some of the longest living organisms on earth, with certain species living up to 5,000 years. They start as tiny seeds and gradually grow to great heights. Watching the transformation from sapling to tree is a profound experience that many cultures revere in aspects of religion and spirituality.


Trees offer the perfect example of natural interconnectedness. New research indicates that trees have a complex form of communication with neighboring trees. They “communicate” through interconnected root systems and pheromones in the air. 

New Beginnings

Two tree of life pendants resting in somebody's hand.

The changing of trees’ leaves throughout the year symbolizes the phases of life and new beginnings. New beginnings are critical points to reflect upon past experiences. Recognizing them allows for growth and consistent change.

Strength and Stability

Trees are the ultimate symbol of steadfast strength, withstanding periods of drought, floods, heat, and cold. They can grow and thrive in the harshest conditions, adapting to the changing of the years.


Trees evoke a tangible sense of calm. If you’ve ever sat and meditated under a tree, you can attest to the serene feeling that accompanies the experience.


Trees are highly complex organisms that are both interconnected and self-contained. There are thousands of tree species, each with authentic, unique characteristics, just like people.  

Tree of Life Jewelry: History and Origins

A tree of life charm resting on an open book.

Just as the Tree of Life symbol has many meanings, its origins and history also assume a multi-tiered lineage with roots in various cultures. 

Tree of Life jewelry dates to ancient cultures. Some persist today, while others have given way to modern cultures and belief systems. Here, we’ll delve into where Tree of Life jewelry originated and how it has been interpreted from culture to culture, gaining new and important meanings along the way. 

Ancient Egypt

According to the ancient Egyptians, trees represented the duality between life and death. Its branches are symbols of heavenly abundance. Its roots symbolize ties to the deadly underworld.


Trees are very significant in Buddhism. They represent enlightenment, as Buddha himself reached nirvana as he sat under a Bodhi tree

Celtic Culture

Trees are especially sacred in Celtic belief systems. The Celts thought of trees as ancestral guardians of the Otherworld. Consequently, trees represent family, ancestral ties, and Celtic deities.


A significant story in Christianity is the biblical creation story recounting the famous tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Tree of Life jewelry is worn to represent the love of God.

Turkish Culture

In Turkish mythology, trees are symbols of rebirth, growth, and development. The Tree of Life symbolizes the earthly connection between the heavens and the underworld. 

Why Wear Tree of Life Jewelry?

Close up of a silver tree of life necklace on a model.

Not only has Tree of Life jewelry existed for centuries, but it also has various meanings. Most people will be able to find a meaning that resonates with their personal beliefs.

Milestones, such as marriage or a death in the family, are occasions deserving of a Tree of Life jewelry piece. Events relating to growth and family may prompt one to buy a Tree of Life jewelry piece.

You can also take Tree of Life jewelry at face value. Many who wear it simply appreciate its beauty and eye-catching design. You’ll see different artistic interpretations of this symbol, from traditional to modern.

Additionally, jewelers are constantly coming up with new molds for the Tree of Life design, fashioning it into various forms. Jewelry lovers can display it as a ring, pendant, earring, or bracelet. 

Even without personal meaning, Tree of Life jewelry serves as a stunning art piece. It can be a stylish and creative expression of self all on its own.

Tree of Life Jewelry Choices

Bohemian style tree of life earrings on a blue stone background.

As the jewelry industry expands and diversifies, the Tree of Life symbol gets incorporated into more forms of jewelry. It is often paired with different birthstones, healing stones, and popular gems for added meaning.

Tree of Life Bracelets

Tree of Life bracelets often fall on the bohemian spectrum of jewelry pieces. You can find many copper or silver Tree of Life charms connected to macrame or other woven-style bracelets on the market. 

Tree of Life Charms

Tree of Life charms are especially versatile. You can attach them to any jewelry piece or accessory. Popular choices include keychains and wind-chimes. Charms also tend to be less expensive than other jewelry items, so they’re a good option if you’re on a budget. 

Tree of Life Earrings

Tree of Life earrings come in numerous styles, whether it be modern, classic, or bohemian. You can find Tree of Life earrings in many designs, including studs and hoops.

Tree of Life Pendants

Tree of Life pendants are the most popular form of Tree of Life jewelry. Their size offers ample space to showcase the whole image. Additionally, pendants come in various metals with plenty of precious or semi-precious stone adornments. 

Tree of Life Rings

Tree of Life rings run the gamut of design and style, ranging from small, understated gold or silver renderings to large, bejeweled designs that are sure to catch everyone’s attention. 

A Tree of Life ring has the potential to be a stylistic centerpiece to show off at a fancy event.   

Where to Buy Tree of Life Jewelry

A silver tree of life bangle on somebody's wrist.

You can find Tree of Life jewelry at stores, stands, and online selling platforms. They are a widely known and treasured symbol that appears cross-culturally, so you can find them worldwide. There are many great starting points online and ways to connect with local and independent sellers. 

In short, the Tree of Life is a universally recognized symbol that is significant to many people for various reasons. You can wear it in a variety of styles and settings. Therefore, there is a Tree of Life jewelry piece to suit everybody’s style and personal meaning.

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