Our List of the Most Popular Pink Gemstones Used for Jewelry

pink gem on a pink satin cloth

Pink gemstones strike the perfect balance between red and clear stones. There are a wide variety of pink gemstones in many colors, ranging from vibrant magenta to blush.

They are quite popular due to their healing properties. They have recently experienced another surge in popularity. The desire for pink diamonds, in particular, grew after the largest pink diamond mine closed in 2020. 

With so many color variations, there is a pink gemstone out there to suit every collection. Keep reading to learn more about these gorgeous stones.

What Are Pink Gemstones?

Pink gemstones can range from hot pink to pale pink. Each stone has unique coloring with specific hues and highlights.

These stones can come in subtle, calming shades or more vibrant, energizing hues. They stand out nicely against white and pastel clothing.

The pink coloring of the gemstones can mean many things, such as healing, loyalty, and love. These gemstones are also associated with other positive meanings such as wealth, good fortune, and peace.

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Types of Pink Gemstones

There are many pink gemstones, each with unique features. 


Faceted morganite on a white background.

Morganite is a part of the beryl family. Its shades range from a pale pink hue to salmon. Other names for morganite are rose beryl or pink emerald. Although most morganite is pale pink or salmon, the rose-tinted stones are the most sought after. 

Morganite represents and attracts love. The stone will attract feelings of joy, peace, inner strength, and compassion. It is also known for purity and innocence. 

It is both durable and affordable, so you can enjoy wearing it without worrying about damage. To keep its shine, you should clean it often. No two morganite stones look the same, so make sure to assess both the stone and its setting before you buy.


Close up shot of raw pezzottaite.

Pezzottaite was first discovered in Madagascar in 2002. This gemstone ranges from pink to deep raspberry. Some initially thought it was morganite containing cesium or red beryl. 

Pezzottaite lends self-confidence and wisdom to people when it is time to make a significant change. It is a moderately strong gem with a higher price tag due to its rarity.

Pink Coral

Close up of pink coral jewelry with gold beads.

Small chunks and large ten-kilo pieces of pink coral reside in Japan’s oceans at depths of 400 meters. The coral has a glassy texture and faint white veins through the inside. 

Pink coral brings good fortune to its owner. Many believe that it can purify negative energy.

This is an inexpensive gemstone that stands out because of its unique look. Unfortunately, pink coral is fragile and the color fades over time, so it doesn’t make for a great investment piece.

Pink Diamond

Pink diamond on a white background.

Pink diamonds are the second rarest colored diamonds, so they come at a high price. Though they are expensive, pink diamond gemstones make a striking fashion statement. They can also have undertones of purple, brown, yellow, and orange. 

The pink diamond represents tenderness, innocence, and love. When given as an engagement ring, it promises a lifetime of happiness.

Pink Kunzite

Several pink kunzite stones.

George Fredrick Kunz discovered the gemstone in San Diego in 1902, hence the name. Kunzite is part of the pink spodumene family, and its colors range from pink to violet. There are even colorless varieties.

Kunzite promotes self-love and emotional healing. It can also help you move past emotional obstacles.

One of the downsides to kunzite jewelry is that it is prone to breakage, so it isn’t a great choice for daily wear. Still, this stone is available at low prices and comes in many beautiful shades. It is an excellent option for pink gemstone jewelry.

Pink Garnets

Pink garnet on a white background.

Pink Malaya garnets are rare. Their color ranges from pink to reddish-orange.

Pink garnets symbolize self-empowerment and higher thinking. They also build strength and offer safety. Garnets are gems of prosperity, gratitude, abundance, and selflessness.

These stones are very rare with a high price to match. There is a lot of variance in their price, but they can cost up to $3000 per carat.

Pink Moonstone

Closeup of pink moonstone on a white background.

Pink moonstone is elegant and affordable. It often has a flower-like cut, appearing very delicate. Pink Moonstone represents new beginnings, passion, love, and femininity. It is also known to help with sleep.

Pink moonstone is an excellent choice for pink gemstone jewelry. You can buy most pink moonstones at less than $50 per carat. It is a moderately strong stone but shouldn’t come in contact with any harsh chemicals. Pink moonstone requires careful storage so it doesn’t get scratched by other jewelry pieces.

Pink Opal

Pink opal on a white background.

Pink opals are usually opaque, yet still a softer hue of pink rather than the deeper color of the precious opals. These gemstones are delicate and hold a sophisticated yet subtle elegance and beauty. 

Pink opals have great healing powers for trauma, stress, and sleep. They also help build emotional understanding, wisdom, and spiritual awareness.

While they do not hold great value, these stones are inexpensive and accessible.

Pink Pearl

Pink pearls laid out across a white background.

A natural pink pearl, or colored pearl of any kind, is rare. They offer elegance and beauty that is unmatched by most other gems. Pink pearls symbolize success, romance, fame, and good fortune.

Pink pearls are very difficult to find. Not only that, but it is very difficult to determine their authenticity. They are worth the trouble, though. These pearls are durable, elegant, and pair nicely with just about any setting.

Pink Sapphire

Close up of a pink sapphire and diamond ring.

Pink sapphires are not common in nature but are growing in popularity. Pink sapphires are a type of corundum with chromium color tracing. 

The pink sapphire is a strong stone that shines like a diamond but at a lower price. Like all sapphires, the pink sapphire is exceptionally hard.

They represent good fortune and overcoming hardship. They also represent love and compassion.

Pink Spinel

Pink spinel on a white background.

Pink spinel can be so vibrant that it is mistaken for rubies. They range from deep to light pink and offer a unique sparkle and elegance. They are strong enough for everyday wear. They have a wide price range; you will pay a premium for the paler shades.

Pink spinel is known to balance chakras and relieve physical fatigue.

Pink Topaz

Pink topaz on a white background.

Pink topaz is found all over the world, but it isn’t very common. It also happens to be one of the world’s hardest stones.

This stone has fierce energy that increases self-confidence. The biggest downside is that it is a rare stone that comes at a high price. 

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline on a white background.

Pink tourmaline comes in a wide range of colors and has recently become quite popular. These stones are durable, high-density, and found in many stores. It is often treated to enhance the color. Be sure to ask your jeweler if you would prefer an entirely natural stone.

Pink tourmaline represents compassion, healing, self-love, and deep emotional healing. This stone also calms feelings of anxiety.

Pink Zircon

Faceted pink zircon on a white background.

Pink zircon has a sparkle comparable to a diamond. The soft pink hues add a brilliance that is perfect for jewelry. The stone is also quite durable and pairs well in many settings.  

Pink zircon is often misidentified as cubic zirconia because of its name. Rest assured, they are very different gems. This beautiful stone promotes kindness and prosperity. It can open hearts to love and new opportunities.


Rhodochrosite on a white background.

Rhodochrosite is rose-red when found in natural form, although it can be lighter shades of pink. Rhodochrosite has banded streaks that make it very difficult to cut without breakage. These bands also create unique patterns in each stone.

Rhodochrosite symbolizes love and empathy for oneself. It can inspire people to move on from the past and continue to grow.


Rhodonite on a white background.

Rhodonite comes from manganese inosilicate. It is similar to rhodochrosite, with the main difference being that the inclusions are black. The coloring can range from a pale pink to a deep rose.

This gem is associated with compassion, emotional balance, and cleansing your past of pain and trauma.

Rose Quartz

Polished rose quartz on a white background.

Rose quartz is a beautiful, light pink gem. This stone is perfect for jewelry because it is strong and inexpensive. Rose quartz jewelry isn’t inherently valuable, but the versatile shade makes for many gorgeous jewelry pieces.

Rose quartz is one of the most positive gemstones you will find. It symbolizes unconditional love, harmonious friendships, self-love, and inner peace.


Thulite on a white background.

Thulite is part of the zoisite family. The pink coloring of this stone is a brilliant, almost hot pink in some instances, which creates a striking look.

Thulite can generate powerful life energies that include serenity, compassion, love, and joy. Despite this, thulite is considered a minor gemstone and not commonly used in jewelry.

World-Renowned Pink Gemstones

Some gemstones have been so breathtakingly beautiful that they gained worldwide recognition. 


The Daria-i-Noor is one of the world’s largest pink cut diamonds. It weighs about 182 carats and is estimated to be worth 100 million U.S. dollars. It is currently in Tehran in the Iranian Crown Jewels collection.


This magnificent pink diamond is one of the largest in the world at 60 carats. It is the centerpiece of a tiara with the same name. It is part of the Iranian National Jewels Collection in Tehran. The exact value of this extraordinary diamond remains unknown.

Martian Pink Diamond

This gem is named after the planet Mars. This 12-carat diamond is the rarest of colors. An American bidder in Hong Kong bought it for 17.4 million dollars.

Steinmetz Pink Diamond

The Steinmetz Pink, or The Pink Star, is a 59.6-carat pink diamond that came from Africa. The Gemological Institute of America rated its color "fancy vivid pink."  It sold for a staggering 71.2 million U.S. dollars.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Pink Diamond Brooch

The Queen of England owns one of the most valuable diamonds globally, and Her Majesty wears it in her brooch. The 54.5-carat pink diamond has a value of 10.5 million U.S. dollars.

How to Buy Pink Gemstone Jewelry

Choosing the perfect pink gemstone is exciting. From clarity to carats, the options are limitless. 

Before you buy your pink gemstone, consider what type of jewelry you would like. The cut, size, and price depend on whether you would like a ring, bracelet, or necklace. Of course, you can always opt for a customized piece, which also affects the end price. 

Another thing to consider is the specific hue. Some pink gemstones only come in bright pinks, while others have a wide range of shades. You can always discuss your budget and gemstone options with a jeweler to make sure you pick the perfect piece.

The Bottom Line

Pink gemstone necklace and earring set in a jewelry box.

As you consider purchasing a pink gemstone, keep the available shades of pink in mind. From almost transparent pink to nearly red, ensure your pink gemstone is the perfect color for your wardrobe. 

You may also come across synthetic pink gemstones. These are great alternatives to authentic stones. Professionals make these stones in a controlled laboratory, mimicking the natural process and resulting in better clarity. Most synthetic gemstones are cheaper, but they are not as rare or precious as natural stones. 

Depending on what you’re looking for, a synthetic stone or one of those listed above can be perfect for your wardrobe. Always keep the stone’s brilliance, durability, wearability, and cost in mind. 

Pink gemstone jewelry adds elegance to any ensemble. There are plenty of options available to suit every budget and style.

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