Iced Out Winter Jewels: The White Gold Trend

Keeping warm and cozy is indeed always worth it, during these cold weather days. Yet  the winter season likes to play icy tricks on us, by keeping us layered up. There’s this thought of should I even wear jewelry? Of course you should wear jewelry during the cold season! 

Mainly because our jewelry hides beneath our layered clothes.

But to add a little amount of jewelry can make a huge difference, against those sweater dresses and furry coats. Plus we're revealing how white gold can highlight your style with cool factors. Along with our top 10 white gold pieces that’s ideal to own and perfect as gifts.

With any piece of jewelry there’s the preference of picking a metal that fits with your personality. Many jewelry lovers are fans of yellow gold, because it can wake up any ring or a pair diamonds earrings. Plus it’s more common yet it goes with everything. Then there’s the idea of giving your fine jewelry a tanned sparkle, aka for the rose gold lovers.
Yet for some reason the iced out jewels of white gold always work for any trend.
White gold (metal) gives off such a tasteful yet luxury look whenever it’s on.Plus the metal creates a statement look when it’s paired with diamonds. 
So here’s why you should wear white gold more often, and then the cons of white gold.
White Gold: is a savvy mixture of pure gold & white metals which includes nickels, silver & palladium with a rhodium coating/setting.

The Favorable Factors For Choosing White Gold (Pros)

It’s more affordable than buying platinum jewels.
Mixed with stronger metals than yellow gold metal
It’s more durable & scratch-resistant.
Complementary with white diamonds
Goes well with fair or rosy skin tones.
The Disadvantages of Wearing White Gold (Cons)
Must be dipped every few years to retain its color & replaced within rhodium plating.
(It’s inexpensive with many jewelers offering the service for free)
Since nickel is mixed with white gold, it can cause allergic reactions for some.
White gold is not hypoallergenic unless mixed with alloyed metals other than nickel.

Our Top 10 White Gold Jewels
The Earrings:


Flower Drop Earrings


Hoop Earrings With Classic Flower Drop
The Bracelets:
The Rings:
Sinuous Diamond Star & Flower Ring
The Necklaces:
Overall this winter season may feel over the top with snow, ice, rain & windy temperatures.
Yet it doesn’t need to be dreary, boring, or simple.
There’s a reason they made jewelry and that’s for showcasing your personality through something that sparkle.
Thanks & Keep Warm...Brittany J.