How To Wear Rings: How Many To Wear, What Fingers & More (Ultimate Guide)

How to wear rings - woman's hands with multiple elegant rings

People wear rings in all sorts of ways and for many different reasons. While you may think that they’re only doing it for fun, there can be significant reasons behind why they wear a certain style or a specific ring on a particular finger. 

These can vary from their relationship status, personality, cultural beliefs, history, and more. So before you walk by your dresser and once again wonder how to wear rings, we’ve compiled everything you need to know right here!  

Factors to Consider in Wearing Rings

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Compliments To Other Accessories

Simpler rings, such as bands, can greatly complement other accessories since they can be used for both casual and formal wear. These rings can be either decorated or simple metal rings and can be worn with other rings on the same hand. 

Choosing the Finger

Some fingers represent special meanings — from your profession to your marital status — so where you place your ring can say a lot about you. It’s best to learn what each finger is associated with before deciding on where and how you put on jewelry. Fortunately, we cover what the meaning of each finger is further down in this article. 

Own Personal Style

woman with a lot of unique rings on both hands showing off her personal style

There are plenty of ring styles to choose from, but going with rings that reflect your style makes the most sense. So if you’re attracted to minimalist fashion, choose small, delicate rings that emphasize clean lines — but if you prefer something more dramatic, you can go for designs that are more interesting and larger. Either way, remember that there’s no right or wrong way to wear a ring. 

Ring Size

Here are different ways to find out the ring size for your fingers. 

  • Using a Ring Sizer 

A ring-sizer is a plastic sheet that details a variety of sizes. You can slide your finger inside to find the right fit. These are also available at jewelry stores since they use them for sizing rings often. Keep in mind that your ring needs to fit comfortably — loose enough to allow it to slide off your knuckles but tight enough to stay on your finger.   

  • Using Self-Measurements

Be sure to measure your fingers at the end of the day or when they are warm. Our fingers subtly change in size throughout the day, and these changes also depend on the activities you have been doing, as well as the weather, and whether or not you’ve eaten a lot of salt. Fingers are usually smaller early in the morning when it’s cold, so try to measure your fingers several times during a day to make sure that you get the most accurate size of your fingers. Avoid using a measuring tape or string to measure your finger size as this can be inaccurate.   

  • Find Your Size 

Here are the different sizes for the width of your finger:

  • Size 5 – 15.7mm
  • Size 6 – 16.5mm
  • Size 7 – 17.3mm
  • Size 8 – 18.2mm
  • Size 9 – 18.9mm
  • Size 10 – 19.8mm
  • Size 11 – 20.6mm
  • Size 12 – 21.3mm
  • Size 13 – 22.2mm

If you find that you’re more comfortable in-between two sizes after using a ring sizer, always pick the larger size. That being said, many rings come in half sizes ( 9 ½ for example) and you can usually have a ring resized. 

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Consider having your ring resized

If your ring doesn't fit properly, it's best to have it resized. If you find that your ring has gotten tighter over time, visit a professional jeweler. You can also return to the store you purchased it from, so you can have it resized for free. Unfortunately, Tungsten and Milgrain rings can't be resized most of the time. Tungsten is generally too hard to resize, and although you can resize Milgrain, the changes will be visible.

Rings as Formal Features

Statement or cocktail rings can be a great formal feature since they are much bolder and larger than your usual rings. Because of this, they need to be flaunted on their own, without other rings. Engagement and wedding rings are often seen as formal-looking, but most ring lovers approve of them to be worn with other rings. Take note, however, that rings with a precious stone are best reserved for formal occasions.   

Ring Spaces

It's best to balance out rings evenly throughout your hands so that you're not wearing too many rings all at once. You also want to space them out on your fingers. If you don't always wear rings, wearing one as a small accessory can help you get used to wearing rings. It's also possible to wear multiple rings while still looking stylish. An example of how you can achieve this is by using a silver midi ring next to a simple silver band.   

Stackable Rings

womans hands with stacked rings

Stackable rings should be worn with other similarly-styled rings. These are relatively new and are achieved by having several rings layered on top of one another to show a clustered effect. Using casual designs for mixing is appropriate, while styles with precious stones shouldn’t be used in stacking. 

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces should be just that — one that gets attention, so larger rings need to be balanced with it. If you plan to wear cocktail rings, it’s best to choose one statement piece that can either be worn alone or by pairing it with a more delicate and understated piece. It’s also acceptable to mix different metals, but choosing two particular tones is a much better look — wearing a variety of gunmetal, silver, gold, and rose gold rings at the same time can look too over-the-top. 

Your Outfit

When determining what ring is appropriate to use, you need to base it on how casual or formal your outfit is. It also helps to account for the other jewelry you'll be wearing and how they pair with your ring. Whichever ring you choose, it needs to highlight the color scheme of your outfit. You should also give your jewelry a sense of unity and use rings with the same color — such as silver rings with a silver necklace.

Rings and Finger: What Does Each Symbolize?

women with rings on different fingers showing what their rings mean

Palmistry, or the study of people’s hands, is a fascinating art. At the same time, how people place and arrange rings on their fingers provides subtle clues about their personality and preferences. Rings can be used to represent family affiliations, cultural references, and even allegiances. People also use rings on a particular finger to emit a certain kind of energy. For example, wearing a ring on the thumb is a way to express individuality.  

In other words, where we position our rings can reflect our personalities. Here is how palmistry explains the meaning behind each finger: 

The Thumb

The thumb is represented by the Roman God Neptune and symbolizes character. An example of this is a straight thumb which indicates an upright character, whereas a crooked thumb may send a negative message. Because Neptune was the god of water, wearing a ring on this finger may signify change or a quick-moving and transient personality — which is associated with creative people. Furthermore, the thumb is separated from the rest of the fingers, which may show some form of alienation.   

The Index Finger

The index finger represents the Roman god Jupiter, and people of high rank, such as kings and dignitaries, who would wear a ring on this finger. It symbolizes authority and power, as Jupiter was the king of the gods. People who wear a ring on their index finger are proud of their leadership and are unapologetic. Palmistry also says that these people are adaptive in most situations and can take charge — but also may anger people easily. A ring on the index finger shows a high level of self-esteem and confidence, along with great leadership. 

The Middle Finger

Saturn is the Roman god that represents the middle finger and is associated with identity and balance. Because Saturn was the father of Jupiter, the middle finger is associated with wisdom as well as our roles and responsibilities in life. It is known as the finger with the most strength and balance, as the midpoint of the hand. A person wearing this ring is known to honor values and responsibilities. It also indicates a serious outlook on life, having a strong sense of morals, and can distinguish right from wrong.   

The Ring Finger

The wedding ring finger is associated with romance, which is why we wear wedding bands on this finger. The god Apollo who is known for his music and poetry is represented through this finger and reflects a sense of well-being as well as creativity. Those who choose to put a ring on this finger are the type to enjoy picnics in the park, love romantic stories, and romantic comedies. There's also a reason why western culture promotes placing a ring on this finger — it's the only one that has an artery that runs straight to the heart. 

The Pinky

The pinky finger is associated with both Mercury and intelligence. It is also where family crests are usually worn. While there are connections between mafia leaders and pinky finger rings, there isn't enough evidence to prove that they are related. The pinky finger can also have two meanings: 

  • If worn on the active hand, the wearer is known to have great negotiating skills as well as the ability to express yourself. 
  • If worn on the passive hand, the wearer is known to have great listening skills and strong intuition.

How Many Rings Should You Wear?

how many rings should you wear - woman with way too many rings drinking coffee

While there isn't a right or wrong answer with how many rings you should wear, a generally safe maximum is to have two or three shared between your two hands. Unfortunately, going beyond that isn't a really good look, and you risk looking like a caricature. 

How To Wear Rings Based On Their Style

  • Cocktail rings: these are meant to make a statement and grab attention, making them great for club parties and formal occasions. While you can wear statement earrings with it, it's best to leave bracelets at home. 
  • Cluster ring: this features a cluster of small gemstones that don't necessarily come in a round shape. These are great for a formal gathering or a girl's night out. 
  • Halo ring: a halo ring consists of a center stone placed in a bezel setting with surrounding channels of smaller stones. It is usually used as a statement ring, so be sure to have it ready for cocktail parties or formal occasions. 
  • Geometric ring: wearing a geometric ring gives a contemporary and creative look. It is best paired with simple outfits for a cool edge.  
  • Simple band: these rings are versatile and practical since you can wear them at any time. However, formal occasions demand a bit of brilliance, so if you don't do statement rings, it's best to go with a delicate ring that uses a channel setting.
  • Solitaire ring: these usually have a center stone in a prong or bezel setting. While it is great to use for any occasion, it looks even better paid with a delicate, strapless dress.
  • Stack ring: this features many bands that have been stacked together. It can be bought as one piece or can be created by wearing multiple rings on one finger. 
  • Three-stone ring: these consist of a center stone that's wedged between two smaller stones. While it is less subtle than a solitaire ring, you can still wear it to both formal and informal occasions.  

How To Wear Rings With Your Attire and Other Accessories

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Brass and copper rings 

These look beautiful with rose gold and yellow gold jewelry— they are more casual, so be sure to wear the appropriate attire. For example, summer dresses decorated with flowers coupled with a brass ring and thin gold bangle is a gorgeous look.

Gemstone rings 

Depending on the stone used, these pieces can be versatile. A semi-precious stone will work with any outfit and jewelry type, but when it comes to your precious stones, reserve them for special occasions. 

Gold or gold plated rings

Gold looks great paired with other gold jewelry, and you can even create a theme for you to wear different types of gold. While these rings will work well with any outfit, gold or gold plated rings look their best when paired with cigarette pants and a simple white shirt. 

Platinum rings

Platinum rings can only be paired with other jewelry since they have such an elegant appearance. Wearing an asymmetric gown along with pearl earrings will surely pair well with this ring.

Silver rings

Silver rings will work with just about anything, especially titanium and stainless steel jewelry. While some people like to combine silver with gold, there are rules to follow with this kind of style, so you will need to take care when doing this. 

Five Tips For Wearing Rings

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1. Every ring sends a direct or subliminal message. A ring can easily identify your connections, whether you served in the marines corps or the navy. They can also be used to signal power and wealth — the size and clarity of your diamond are a dead giveaway of someone who has substantial wealth. 

2. It's important to remember: rings won't work unless you're confident with them. Start by wearing the ring around the house and waiting until you're accustomed to the feeling and weight of it. Then you can start wearing your ring around other people. It's also important to be confident with rings because people who notice it may start asking questions about it. It's best to be ready for questions regarding the ring since it has the potential to get a conversation started. 

3. Be sure to keep the ring in proportion to your hands. If you have large hands, then it's fine to wear a larger ring. However, if you have smaller hands, you'll need to balance the proportion by wearing a smaller ring. 

4. How you balance your rings with other jewelry is another thing to take note of. If you plan on wearing multiple rings, make sure that they are equally distributed across your hands. This works similarly with other jewelry; if you have a wedding band on the left hand, give your right hand a bracelet or some other jewelry. 

5. Think about metals and how they match your skin — if you have a cool skin tone, consider wearing silver. You'll know that your skin has a cool tone if your veins appear visible. On the contrary, wear gold if you have a warm skin color, or if your veins aren't visible. Don't forget to match your accessories too — rings, belt buckles, and watch straps should be a similar color. 

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