The Best Gothic & Old English Letter Necklaces

Gothic letter necklace charm

Not much is known about the origin of initial jewelry, but precursors to this trendy style date back to examples from 14th and 15th-century jewelry. Just as personalized initial necklaces were distinctive hundreds of years ago, their modern counterparts still make meaningful statements. 

​What's the Meaning Behind Gothic Letter Necklaces & Initials? 

The initial on your necklace can simply be a pretty charm with the first initial of your name or hold a deeper meaning. For example, it's common to get  a letter for a loved one you want to honor or remember. These are some of the most popular choices when picking out initials: 

  • The first letter of your first name 
  • The first letter of your spouse's first name
  • The first letter of your family name 
  • The first letter of your child's name

What's the Meaning of the First Letter of Your First Name?

gold initial letter necklace pendants

Each of our letters has a special and significant meaning. Below are the meanings for each initial: 

A: People whose name starts with this letter are known to be very strong, brave, and are born leaders. 

B: Mastered the art of keeping emotions and feelings in check. Very sensitive and do not like to show off their intimate quality, shy and loner in general, yet very determined

C:  Very talented and easily get along with others; very optimistic with a good sense of humor

D: represents balance, security, and hard work; very rational and analytical and like to keep things in order at all times

E: These individuals are selfless and love to help others, to the point where they care more about others than themselves. 

F: Caring, responsible, family-orientated by nature; loves to help others and are extremely romantic, very loyal, and committed in personal relationships

G: Very rational with intelligent and quick minds; instinctive and inventive people; seems to be great at making money

H: Very creative with a broad imagination; practical manner, ambitious and good with money

I: People with this first initial are some of the most creative individuals. They love art, design, and are natural fashionistas. 

J: Like to be in charge; loves to motivate others; very determined

K: Peacemakers and are extremely considerate towards others; they are all about wisdom and instinct

L: Loves to travel; generally very fun-loving; has a warm soul that cares for all

M: Strong-willed and hardworking; generally workaholics; full of vigor all the time; live on their own terms and don’t talk to please others

N: Intuitive and communicative; romantic and loves writing; loves to go on his own way

O: These individuals are the most connected to their emotions. They also have the highest sense of morality. 

P: Curious about life and like to be on top of things at all times; because they tend to be thinking the negative, they seem to be cold and distant

Q: Loyal and honest; are strong leaders but can be diplomatic at times; don't follow trends and instead set course for others to follow

R: Your easy-going, and peace-loving personality brings positivity and vibrant energy making you a great ally to have

S: Blessed with excellent leadership skills, charm, and charisma; feel things very deeply; sets a high standard for themselves

T: Hard work is more important than luck; takes on too many tasks at the same time and gets upset if things are not systematic

U: Anyone who has this as the first letter of their name is a quick decision-maker and is able to adapt to any situation. 

V: Highly-intuitive, dependable, reliable, and highly committed to work; tend to be possessive in relationships but are loving and loyal

W: Very charismatic personality; generally impulsive by nature; despises routines and pressured to beat deadlines

X: Very vocal their thoughts; deeply emotional; tends to be lacking discipline at times

Y: Adventurous and loves freedom; like to be in their own space, and are quick in everything they do

Z: Positive thinkers and goal-oriented; carefree and most likely to attract love and friendship easily

​Are Gothic Necklaces Different from Old English Letter necklaces?

Black letter — which is also known as Gothic script, or Old English script — in calligraphy, is a style of the alphabet that was used for manuscript books and documents throughout Europe — especially in German-speaking countries — from the end of the 12th century to the 20th century. 

It’s easily recognizable through the uniform treatment of vertical strokes that end on the baseline, the fusion of convex forms when they occur together, and the use of angular lines instead of smooth curves and circles. In essence, both Gothic and Old English lettering use the same font but can have different styles according to modern interpretations. 

How to Wear Monogram Necklaces? 

The monogram necklace is so straightforward and versatile that it can be worn with any outfit and in any combination with other jewelry or even several initials. That’s one of the beautiful things about this specific piece. Here are a few other ways to dress your necklace up: 

  • You can wear multiple initials on your necklace to represent multiple children, siblings, grandchildren, or others. 
  • Others wear their initials with their birthstone to make their necklace more personalized. 
  • A personalized angel wing with initials might represent a spiritual connection to someone who has passed away. 
  • A Hamsa necklace represents Divine protection for the person whose initial is displayed. 
  • An infinity necklace with initials can represent your bond with a loved one. 

About Lexie Jordan Gothic Letter Necklaces

You can find beautiful Gothic letter necklaces at Lexie Jordan Fine Jewelry, where there are plenty of choices and ways to celebrate your love of all things that sparkle. Whether it's for your special someone, your mom, or yourself, we offer stunning necklaces with your favorite letter charms and initials. 

Gothic Letter Initial Charm 

Our Gothic letter charm necklace adds a refreshing touch to the traditional monogram with a cool rock and roll edge. Its letterforms are gorgeously made with 14K yellow gold and finished with glamorous black diamonds. 

This charm is then complemented with your choice of a simple leather cord or a delicate 16" 14K gold chain. Furthermore, this charm is ½ inch in length and can be purchased on its own should you already have a chain that you love. 

This handmade Gothic letter charm comes in all letters from A-Z, and also includes presentation gift packaging. 

Small Capital Letter Charms

If you prefer something a bit more simple but want to show off your love of diamonds, these modern diamond letters charms are for you. You can either wear them as a single pendant or you can even wear several as a monogram. Mix and match the letters as you like or make your own necklace. 

These beautifully handmade charms are made with 14K white gold and faceted diamonds for a seriously stunning statement piece. Choose any letter from A-Z or pick as many as you want. It also includes presentation gift packaging, so you can give it to your loved ones. 

Delicate Link Chain 

Our delicate link chains are handmade by our very own designer, Cheryl Roberts who takes pride in creating personalized charms for every style. This product also includes presentation gift packaging, so you can give it to your loved ones on special occasions.  

For fine handcrafted jewelry, look no further than Lexie Jordan Jewelry. We have a variety of letter charms and accept custom orders.