What Does The Evil Eye Symbolize?

What Does The Evil Eye Symbolize?

You have probably heard the term, “giving someone the evil eye.” More than likely, this term does not hold much meaning to you, outside of receiving a nasty look from another person. However, for many cultures across the world, giving someone the evil eye can bring about detrimental consequences.

Chances are you have seen the evil eye many times while shopping online or in-store. You may even own a piece of jewelry or clothing with the evil eye symbol on it. However, most people do not fully understand what this symbol means. Don’t worry; we have you covered. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the evil eye symbol so you can understand and appreciate the deep history that is associated with this powerful and ancient symbol.

Evil Eye History & Meaning

Historians believe that the evil eye dates back almost 3,000 years ago to ancient Greece and Rome. While the evil eye is prevalent in many religions such as Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, and Christianity, it retains the same meaning. Many cultures across the globe think of the evil eye as a look that is given to inflict severe harm or bad luck on those that it is cast upon. These cultures believe that the evil eye can be cast upon anyone who receives excessive praise or admiration beyond what is truly deserved.  In addition, it is believed that the evil eye has the power to cause physical and mental illness to those who are the recipients of excessive praise.

Many cultures also believe that evil eye can be cast upon a person with a desirable wife or other physical possessions. When an evil eye is cast out of jealousy, it is believed to cast the recipient with years of bad luck. In an attempt to protect themselves from the wrath of the evil eye, many people in Ancient Greece and Rome armored themselves with evil eye amulets and talismans. The thought was that these amulets and talismans would reflect the glare of the evil eye back to the person giving the glare, thus protecting the individual from any harm.

The Evil Eye In Jewelry

The evil eye symbol has become very popular in modern society, pop culture, and jewelry design. Many celebrities, such as Madonna, Britney Spears, and Mick Jagger sport the evil eye as a stylish jewelry statement. The reason many people wear the evil eye is for the same reason as the Ancient Greek and Romans, to protect themselves from harm.

Regardless of the style of jewelry, the evil eye uses a basic design of one eye set on a blue background. Often, you will find jewels or stones surrounding the eye to show off the strength against the gazer. We’ve got a large selection of beautiful evil eye jewelry pieces ranging from bracelets and earrings to necklaces and rings. All of which are sure to protect you from the powerful consequences of the evil eye.

Is The Evil Eye More Than A Myth?

One can draw on celebrity examples to display truth behind the evil eye myth. The simple idea that excessive fame, fortune, and success can bring about one's downfall makes a lot of sense in celebrity culture. One does not have to look far to find an example of a celebrity who met his or her demise as a result of excessive fame. Millions of believers of the evil eye in the United States and around the world would probably tell you that most of these celebrities could have avoided their downfall by wearing the evil eye. While there may not be a way to prove this theory, there is also no way to disprove it. Regardless on your belief or disbelief on the myth of the evil eye, at the end of the day we could all benefit from some added protection from evil forces. The next time a stranger, co-worker, or friend shoots you the evil eye, do you really want to take your chances?