Layered Spotlight: Stack Em High Gemstone Rings

Every girl loves the idea of stacking rings that complements their overall look. Rings display many factors of love, commitment, and unity. Yet they can create layers of glam when used to their advantage.

So let’s showcase our 2 best selling ring sets as our monthly spotlight items.Of course adding your favorite gemstones relies on your birthstone or your fave color.

We can customize any ring to your liking, plus make it personal to honor any loved ones.

Wearing color is of course an obsessive trend, and eye-catching if your not afraid of being colorful.

Our favorite collection of gemstones include the most luxurious sapphires.Owning any sapphire to your jewelry collection blends in sentimental values. 

Which is why we wanted to display a set of eye-popping rings that’s ideal to wear. 

Round Sapphire Ring In 18K Gold With Bezel Setting (Beaded Band)

Our Byzantine-inspired sapphire stacking rings gives off colorful array of details.

Pick From 4 Sapphire Colors:

Pink, Tsavorite (Green), Yellow & Blue

Lotus Color Splashed Precious Gemstone Ring In 18K Gold (Bezel Set)

The Lotus stacking rings adds dynamic sparkle and hallmarks splashes of color.

Choose From 5 Sapphire Colors:
Pink, Orange, Tsavorite (Green), Yellow & Blue

There’s stunning attributes when wearing rings with sparkling gemstones.

They play well by waking up your look so stacking them high is what we’re all about.

So Stay Sparkling

Brittany J.