A Charmed Moment: Star Power Jewels

If you're going to shine bright like a diamond why not do so as a star!

In life this popular symbol demonstrates a plethora of beautiful symbolism that’s this exploration of truth. Most star designs showcase emotions plus a setting of hidden ancient knowledge.

Ever wonder how the star shape/designs became so popular in world of fine jewelry? Let’s discover this symbol through a presence of truth. Well with most clever pieces of jewelry they leave a significant imprint on us when we wear them. We admire the look, craftsmanship, the style, and the balance of how it goes with each outfit.

Yet the power of the star design leaves a perfect impression on what we deem worth wearing. For centuries this brilliant design sparkles sensible factors of glamour and beauty.  

But it also showcases a sense of innate awareness to what’s around you. It’s indeed a spotlight symbol yet it divides a structure of conscious understanding to our everyday life.

The Beauty Beyond The Stars:

They’re eye-catching yet endless layers of stars light up the night. As shimmering features of the sun, keeps us overwhelmed and stars bursting with a glow that glistens such a stunning presence. Yet the cosmos are one of the reasons we relate heavenly to the symbolism of stars, because there’s this true feeling of being one with the universe.

Starburst & Starlight Symbolism:

Colors Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow & Orange & Silver

*Light           *High Energy   *Wisdom 
*Dreams       *Mystery          *Sight
*Intuition      *Guidance       *Astrology
*Radiance    *Navigation     *Positivity

Here’s our jewels that fits along the starburst symbolism in a harmonious way:

French Starburst Charm Necklace In 14K Gold With Micro Pave Diamonds

Starburst Stud Earrings With Pave Diamonds In (Sterling Silver)

Gaining Your Star Power:

There’s another useful yet shimmering star symbol that keeps us in-tuned with the universal language of life.

Within every jewelry design lies a story behind it, and with the star symbol there’s a love story.

This ancient geometric symbol dates back to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. Which in his image he sculpted this symbol to show off his idea of pure perfection.

Yet this shining star symbol represents much more than perfection, it’s strengths are in its shape and it’s vitality.

Star Shape & Design Symbolism: Colors Gold, Blue, Red & Yellow, Green & Silver

*Strength     *Patient            *Protection
*Ancient      *Honor              *Wholeness
*Magical      *Compassion   *Sensitive
*Fortunate   *Worthy            *Longevity   

Here’s our jewels that fit with the star shape symbolism in a divine way:

French Star Charm Necklace In 14K Gold (Glowing Enamel Color)

Diamond Star Charm Necklace In 14K Gold (Pave Diamonds & Enamel)

Overall the mysticism of the star symbols within many different cultures keeps us intrigue. Rather it’s on a ring, necklace, pair of earrings, or a bracelet the stars are aligned with that statement charm.

It’s our passion symbol we express by wearing them everyday, and honestly it’s our favorite to showcase because it keeps in-tuned with our universe and we love that.